Wednesday, February 24, 2010

All They Can Say...

As I started a new job over 6 years ago, I was taught a valuable lesson about sales...and about life. When I was hesitant to make a sales call, Hugh would always reassure me by saying: 'All they can say is no.' Of course there are some people who go above and beyond your typical 'no' but, for the most part, that is the worst thing you can hear.

Along those same lines is the idea that, 'you'll never know until you try.' I've been thinking about those two phrases and how they cover so many different aspects in our lives.

My brother wants to get a dog for his apartment/house however, he lives in a place where no pets are allowed. He asked me if I thought it would be a waste of time for him to even ask his landlord if he could have the dog. Using the same words that I had heard so many years before, and so many times since, I said, 'all she can say is no.'

There have been times when I have pulled up to a potential client's business and before going in I think of all of the reasons that they would NOT be interested and then I hear the distant echo urging me to at least give it a shot.

As I said before, this principle not only applies to sales but to many other aspects of life. If you want something...ask for it. Let the person you're asking tell you no. 'If you don't at least try, then you'll never know.'

I remember the disappointment that inevitably came every time I asked if I could have a sleepover and I was told no. Or the times I would ask to be taken bowling and met with a similar response. BUT, I never stopped asking. Why? Because sometimes the answer was yes.

I can't tell you how many times I've wanted to ask a girl out but before giving her the chance to say no, I did it for her. With that said, some of the best relationships I've had (both romantic and otherwise) have been because I put myself out there...I have wanted to know, so I tried.

It has been a valuable lesson to learn and here are a few ways you can apply it to your lives:

If you feel like you deserve a promotion or a raise, ask for it.
If you have a crush that you want to go on a date with, ask.
If you need something from someone, ask for it.
If you want to borrow a cup of sugar from a neighbor, ask for it.
If you would like to get some advice, ask for it.
If you want help, ask for it.
...this list could go on and on but you get the picture.

What's the worst that can happen?'ll hear someone tell you no, then again, they may just say yes. Either way, you'll never know until you try. Good luck!


  1. Here's another scenario:
    If you want your friend to actually write on his blog, ask him. You never know, he may just do it ;)

    Good things come to those who ask! Thank you for sharing this beautifully inspiring thought, T. And thank you, Hugh, for teaching this lesson to Trav. Without it, I probably wouldn't be writing this commentation. Love you lots, Mr. T!