Friday, June 25, 2010

June Roses

I was at the Chalk Festival the other day with a friend and we came to this drawing of Peter Pan.

It was also known as "The Boy Who Wouldn't Grow Up." Anyway, J.M. Barrie, the playwright was once quoted as saying:

“God gave us memories, that we might have June roses in the December of our lives."

We all pass through Decembers of our lives whether it be the death of family member, a separation from a loved one, financial difficulty, stress from school, loss of employment, etc. The good news is, we still have our June roses...this one is for you:

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  1. I shall now break out in "Memory" from Cats. Ah-hem...Mooooonliiiight, not a sound from the paaaaavemeeeeent... Ok, maybe not through type. Beautiful quote. Thanks, T :)