Thursday, June 16, 2011

Innocence of Youth

Yesterday morning the cops showed up on my sister's doorstep. Apparently, during the night someone had pulled all of the freshly planted flowers at Sheri Dew's house.

When Sister Dew noticed that all of her flowers that she planted the previous night had been taken from her garden, she called her friend and neighbor, Wendy Nelson (wife of Russell M. Nelson). Sister Nelson hurried next door and the two of them had decided that it was probably a good idea to inform the police. Since she had just returned from a two-week trip to Russia Sister Nelson ran home for 15 minutes to clean up so she could run to the nursery and pick up some more flowers for Sister Dew. In the meantime, the police officers had arrived and wandered into my sister's backyard to see if her house had been vandalized too. Much to their surprise they found the pile of missing flowers.

What they thought could have been the work of a group of disgruntled teenage pranksters turned out to be the innocence of my cute little niece. You only have to meet Ella and you'll quickly realize just how sweet she is and understand that malice was the furthest thing from her mind. My guess is
that she just wanted her mom to have some pretty flowers in her garden too.

Fortunately, the officer was very cute with her so she wouldn't end up traumatized by the experience. Sister Dew was great too. She put Ella in charge of garden security and asked her to keep an eye out for anyone trying to pull flowers from her garden.

After things had settled down Sister Dew and Sister Nelson headed to the nursery to buy some new flowers as some of them had been damaged. They were so sweet and thoughtful...while they were at the nursery the picked up a flower for Ella and were eager to give it to her so she could have a flower or her own. She was fast asleep by the time they returned...a little too much excitement for one morning.

It's not quite as tasty as a plate of freshly baked cookies but what a memorable way to meet the neighbors!

Thank you Ella for being the most adorable niece ever and for having such a huge heart!


  1. Hahahaha! Wow. That is epic. Like "go down in history for sheer awesomeness" epic! Love it! :) The whole thing!

  2. P.S. That is one FLEXIBLE little girl!

  3. Okay, so this? is a fantastic post! For a couple of reasons for me: 1. Sheri Dew is pretty much my favorite of all time, 2. I have three cousins (sisters) on that street and in that ward, including one who's kind of across the street from Elder Nelson (not directly across but perpendicular), so I can picture all of this happening since I've been on that street many many times. What a cute story!