Friday, June 26, 2009

Somewhere South of Happy!

I've often thought about writing a book. I'm not exactly what the book would be about but I've always thought that a good title for a book would be: "Somewhere South of Happy". It was inspired by this small town in Texas.

As you can see in the picture, there isn't much to Happy. It's a small Main St. town if you can even call it that. I came across one actual person while in Happy. He was edging the lawn at Happy High. I didn't stop to talk, just waved as I passed him by. He was out sweating in the hot Texas sun as I was in my climate controlled / environmentally friendly Ford Focus. I was the jealous one. There's something about small towns that draws me to them. Maybe there's a lesson in the small simple town of Happy. Happiness doesn't come from the complexity of life, but it's found in the small, simple things that we come across on a daily basis. A lot of us overlook that...perhaps there are only 647 people in the world that have figured it out. Here's to Happy!

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