Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sunflowers and Trees

For anyone that doesn't know me (or at least this fact about me)...I like to take pictures of random trees. Of all of the trees I've ever seen, this one has to be my favorite. It stands tall along one of the busiest sections of I-15...on average, over 115,000 people pass it daily. I finally took a second to snap a picture of it.

I also happen to love sunflowers. If you drive through Colorado around this time of year you'll come across miles and miles of sunflower farms (the seeds have to come from somewhere). But, if you live in Utah you might just have to settle with a sunflower growing in between the asphalt and sidewalk...

Or, you can get a close-up of a flower and your favorite tree in the background.

If you haven't had your fill of sunflowers and trees, you can check out a couple more pics on my other blog.

1 comment:

  1. Ah, I enjoy your commentation. That tree is really cool! I always think of you when I see cool trees. One day, I'll take a t-ribute tree picture. Kinda like the Dr. Seuss tree in San Diego, confession, thought of you :) Aw, pwesh