Tuesday, July 21, 2009

5:16 Tee-Time / 8:16 T-Time

I've recently taken up golfing...and, if you've ever seen me play, you'll know that 'recently' is an understatement. My golfing buddy, Colin Bell, and I decided to play Central Valley Golf Course today...some people affectionately call it 'Stinky's" since it sits right next to the water treatment plant. Anyway, I called this morning to set up a tee-time for 5:15 and I was informed that they only had a 5:16 tee-time. It was a bit of an inconvenience to wait the extra minute but sometimes it's worth it. What can I say, when you're in good company and out on the golf course, Life is Beautiful. With that said, I think my next 'T-time' will be scheduled for 8:16...and that one I wouldn't miss for 'The World!' even if I don't play the full round, I'll be sure to be there.

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  1. You golf with Collin... don't you want a challenge? :)