Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I've never been a fan of baseball...in fact, I've decided that the only time it is even worth watching is when you're there in person. It also helps when you have awesome seats.

What's even better is the ballpark food...the hot dogs, the churros, and of course, the nachos. I was so hungry by the seventh inning stretch that I scarfed down the hot dog and churro before the girl even finished getting my nachos. I was thrilled to learn that she shared my affinity for over-cooked food (i.e. cookies and churros).

With that said, the best part of the game happens to be the people that you are with...

Especially when you decide to pretend you're a celebrity avoiding the paparazzi.

Go Bees!


  1. I share the exact same philosophy of baseball... and other sports, for that matter. Basketball is about the only sport worth watching if you're not there in person. How do people watch football? You can't even see where the ball is! I think spectators just pretend like they know what's happening on the field for an excuse to scream and use obscenities. I know I do.

  2. p.s. How do you get the ginormous pictures on your blog? I can only seem to find the "Small," "Medium," and "Large" options on my compose feature.