Tuesday, July 14, 2009


So, about a month ago, I was persuaded to open my mind (like artists should...not that I'm an artist) and to read the Harry Potter series. I thought that I was doing great and would meet the deadline of having caught up on all of the books before the Half-Blood Prince hit the theaters. Turns out, I was wrong. For whatever reason (probably my unfamiliarity with said series) I thought that it was the fifth movie that was coming out (I haven't seen any of the other movies). So, on my last trip to Texas, I finished up the fourth book (The Goblet of Fire). It wasn't until I spoke with a friend on Saturday and he informed me that it was actually the sixth movie...unfortunately, there wasn't enough time to finish the fifth book. I happened to be given a couple of tickets by Ferrari Color to see a pre-screening of the movie. Naturally, I accepted. I won't give any thoughts or opinions as there are some who may not have seen the movie yet. I will now finish reading the Order of the Phoenix, skip the 6th book (I can only handle so many 700+ page books) and move on to the seventh.

To those who have not yet seen the movie...enjoy.

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  1. As a former teacher, and a child at heart, I naturally have a love for the Harry Potter series. Although I'm a Rowlings enthusiast, I'm not obsessed with the books like most people who read them. But I will say that seeing your awesome tickets and Slytherin emblem made me a little jealous that you got to go to a pre-screening! I hope it was everything you'd hoped it would be.
    I've only read through book four as well— why don't you finish all the rest of them and give me a short synopsis as you finish each? That way you'll feel good inside from helping a friend out. Win-win. :)